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Related post: Date: Sat, 4 Jun 2005 11:49:12 EDT From: Subject: Reality CheckUp Pt 13The sheer joy and happiness that was coursing it's way thru my mind and body is hard to describe let alone explain properly. Having Trey's penis in my mouth was better than anything I had felt in such a long time. True I, like most, have been engaged in such activities for quite some time; but in my case with no real frequency. So I had to listen to Trey tell me how to suckle his cock in order to pleasure him to the brink of orgasm. Each time he drew near to exploding inside my mouth he withdrew his velvety rod. Such an experience must have preteen angels underage been driving him mad. When he had completely withdrawn, Cody step in and took his place; likewise removing little nude preteenmodels his penis before he dumped his cock juice preteen german porn in my mouth. This kept going on for sometime and I didn't think that either of them had enough self-control to prevent the orgasm. They switched tactics and preteen erotic dreams started teaching me the art of `rimming'. Since I had never done this before, I holynet preteen nude had no idea of what to expect. I could tell by smell and texture, whose ass was in front of me. Cody had no hair and smelt of man. Trey on the other hand had a hairy pucker and preteen hairy nudist smelt of deodorant soap. Each preteen preteen bbs gay preteen young time I had my tongue out licking, one or the other of them had their hands on xxx preteen gallaries the back of hairless preteen lips my head holding it in place firmly, giving instructions and encouragement. Then like when I was sucking, they switched places and repeated the process over and over. I learned quickly what to do and what not to do.They returned to my cock sucking training and while I was performing satisfactorily now, I could hear them talking back and forth between themselves, only occasionally saying something to me. I didn't know how much longer they intended to train me this night, but I was hoping that it wouldn't be much longer due to fatigue and sore joints and muscles. Every time I thought they were getting along, one or the other of them raised their voice to the other. I was sucking on Trey's cock when he started talking `dirty' girls sex preteen to me. The name-calling was something I had only read about and surely he was not serious about it. Trey said that he was going to explode in young sex preteens my mouth and Cody reminded him of the training rules. Trey, in a flash, lost his temper; all the while ramming his velvet rod as deep as he could. In one strong thrust he popped his load. Trey then increased his tempo of verbal abuse towards me. Cody raised his voice to him and all that did was make Trey grab my earrings and yank on them with vigor and he continued preteen vibrator his waning thrust. Trey finally withdrew, while Cody stood in silence. Before Cody could say or doing anything, Trey called me a few more vicious names and with lightning reaction hauled off and slapped my face two times. All went silent in the room. I could hear myself breathing as the tears flowed down my face.The next thing I heard were a multitude of footsteps coming into my room. Nothing was said, but I knew something violent was happening. I finally heard Master barking stern orders to others. Trey was screaming and some sort of scuffle was taking place. I was terrified to say the least, but dared not move from my current position. The words and japanese preteen nudemodel noise steadily died down and silence was again present. preteens with dog God was I getting scared. This was worse than anything I had gone through the whole time I'd been here with my Master. Soft fingers were wiping the tears from my cheeks, and I knew Cody was still with me. I finally stopped crying. Cody told me that I was safe now and not to fear. Trey had been tackled and hogtied by the other masters, along with being gagged. I was safe. Nobody other than Master was to speak like that to me. Nobody other than Master was to japanese preteen tits physically display rage towards me. Trey was now paying a price for his youthful outburst and his lack of experience. My heart rate returned to normal shortly thereafter.Cody told me that most likely tomorrow morning Trey would receive punishment for what he had just done to me. In a way I felt sorry for Trey, yet on the other hand felt that he deserved whatever punishment he gets. I knew it was getting late, but with Cody in a preteen secret xxx talkative mood I didn't give it much thought that I was in preteenz nymphet need of sleep. Cody had gotten a warm damp cloth and was wiping my face while he continued his talking. From Cody I learned a lot this night. It was like he was opening up a new chapter in my life, telling me preteen lesbian pix so much more preteens 12 about the `group', who they were and so on. I learned that three of the masters links preteens best also had `pleasure slaves' like myself; but these slaves were left behind in their respective dwellings. Some in cages, bound with rope, or left hanging from the ceiling. During these times, the master's slave would return to the home and feed the other slave and then return here to Masters house. I found it nice that I was not the only `pleasure slave' in the `group'. I learned that I would meet all of them very soon, but this preteens porno illegal weekend was special for Master and only the other masters with their bed/house slaves were in attendance. manga preteen porn I learned that each of the masters had a room for their `pleasure slave' and each room was always different from any of the other masters. I would "see and serve" in these rooms in the near future. When indias preteen pic I heard ls portal preteens the preteens 16 word "see" my mind went wild with preteen pantyhose photos excitement. Now why would I, or should I, be excited about that. I thought my hard preteen video mind was doing a good job compensating for the lack preteen xxx thumbs of eyesight. OR, could it be I got excited about the word "serve". Cody assured me that the next training session would be a "great experience". How would he know. Did he ever go through all this, just to become a bed/house slave. I don't think so, preteen fuck toplists do you. His voice softened and he said it was time for sleep. He took hold of my nose ring and I crawled as he led me to a nice soft mattress. Mattress!! Was I in heaven or what. He commanded me to lay down and not move. I thought he was going to bind me for the night. The only thing Cody did was to connect my catheter to a collection container for the night and the release of piss was a relief. I didn't even hear a muffled sound coming from Trey and I wondered if they had stuck italian preteens models a needle full of drugs in his butt. Soft, warm, smooth and clean were the next feelings I experienced. Cody was lying next to me on the mattress. He draped his arm over my body and I rolled over on my side to be facing him. He kissed me with all the passion he had as he stroked naked preteen as my shoulders and back. I couldn't say how long this went child model preteens on; as it must have been so intoxicating to me that I dropped off littletop xxx preteen into a deep sleep, drifting on a puffy white Florida cloud. I slept without dreaming.The new day arrived preteens models ls with a preteen latinas amateur kiss and soft words from Cody. He told me that I had been sleeping so hard that Master didn't want me woken up when all the other slaves were. My mind finally cleared out the cobwebs and I could hear voices and the now familiar footsteps along with the shuffle of feet.The next voice I heard was that of my Master. His voice was a lot different sounding than I had heard it last night. His voice seemed to be more russsian preteens caring and filled with pride, which I had never heard Him like before." My fellow masters and slaves, may I have everyone's attention please. Before us is My new slave. For the past week preteen babysitter sex he had endured much as you preteen nasty angels noticed upon your arrival, AND while you all have been in attendance. If it pleases the masters, I now wish to call for a vote from them. I desire their approval of my new slave, to become one of us. One of our `group'. `boy' has a lot to learn yet, but I feel his progress entitles him to join our community. Slave Cody has informed xxx cute preteen me that he has completed his assignment of instructing `boy ' dark nude preteens on the group, who we are, what we are and why we are. So without delay, I ask that any master who opposes `boy' to gothic preteen sex please speak now."The room was dead silent, I mean fucking dead silent. What was going on? I wasn't told about a vote. What if I wasn't voted `in'? Still silence, nothing."Thank you my fellow masters. Thank you for accepting my `boy'. Now, I wish you all to remain in your places as I greet, for the first time, my `boy' into my home, into my life, Cody's life." My eyes watered up and I didn't want anyone to see my crying. The tears flowed freely now. "Will someone please dim the lights please." I felt the hands of my Master upon my head. Master was removing my blindfold. Oh my God. Master was giving me back my sight."boy, with pride, I am returning your sight. Sight alone will allow you to see what your new world is all about. Sight alone will allow you understand your new life. Sight alone will allow you to see your progress, AND your failures. Your Master and Cody are now your life. Your actions shall always bring pride and russia preteen dasha pleasure to the both of us. You are to always remember your station in life. Allow your mind to reflect on this past week and all which you have accomplished."The room started to brighten very slowly, as my eyes blinked rapidly trying to adjust. There I was, in my proper and most normal position as age preteen masterbation I completely nude preteens focused on the body before me. I raised naked preteens toplist my head. My eyes met those of Master. He was handsome (in my mind) and quite well groomed. No facial hair what so ever. Master was wearing jeans and a tank top. Master cupped my chin and tilted my head back even further. Master leaned forward and kissed my lips. He instructed me to kneel, which I did immediately. The familiar preteen ru forum collar was free preteen teens put in place and this time a small lock was preteen core used to firmly seal my life to my Master. I stopped crying about the same time that my insides began to glow with great underage preteen hairless joy and happiness. While this was going on, I felt someone from behind disconnect my recycle tubing and clamp off the catheter.My Master stepped back and to the side, as Cody came forward. Naked, wearing only a thick leather collar, he approached me with a smile so wide I thought his face would split in two. He knelt in front of me and gave me a strong hug, which preteens flash tits about squeezed the air out of my lungs, and then he gave me his ` trademark' passion kiss. His eyes were moist with tears of joy. I never even considered looking at my body to see the rings, to see the split penis head and least of all to see the body without hair. Hell, at that moment in time, I didn 't even feel the rings or the large plug non preteens invading my hole. My mind was in celebration. I wanted to hug Cody back, not sure if I should or not. I took the chance and gave him a bear hug and he kissed me once again. My hug was not out of line.Cody then got up and stepped back from me and took up a position on the other side of pre teen smokers my head, leaving sort of an aisle way between he milly model preteen and Master. One by one each of the other masters came forward. Each was dressed in jeans or leather pants and had on a shirt or t-shirt. Each said, "welcome", and patted me on the top of my head."With the formal part of the welcoming youngest nn preteens ceremony complete, we shall now allow the slaves to come forward and meet `boy' and forced preteen stories briefly chat. And while that is going on we masters shall discuss the punishment due mister Trey. Dang, I had forgotten all about Trey. Where was he? What had preteen 3d porn they done to him? What were they going to do to him?All the slaves came forward, as Cody remained with nn preteens panties me. Each one knelt down to face me. They each introduced themselves, kissed and hugged me. How was I ever going to remember their names along with all the names of the other masters? They all started commenting on my body rings and dickhead. They asked a lot of questions, which of younger preteen course I could not answer, although Cody did answer them for me. It was cool to see them all. Most every one of them was totally smooth. Some of them had body jewelry and I noticed some with tattoos. Two of them were un-cut. One was African American, one was Hispanic and one was Asian. All of them had some sort of collar on. I learned that the `pleasure slaves' of raped preteens the other masters where more decorated and marked than these bed slaves. All of them, bar none, were genuinely nice to me and it felt good to be around them. Some of them told me what part of my training they assisted in and others told me how busty preteen nudist much they enjoyed pissing into preteens sex 14 my mouth, etc. Cody was beaming with naked preteen vagina pride as they continued their compliments towards me. Little ole me was trying not to become over confident nor cocky in my thinking at preteen porno pics this point. Just be myself, as I had been trained to be."Ok slaves, ENOUGH. You all have work to do now." Bellowed a master. I think it was master Russell. " I want half of you pics neked preteen to work with Cody and get `boy ' ready for the day. The other half of you will assist in preparing mister Trey for his punishment."I have no idea why the slaves had me turn preteen panies pics around, until right before my eyes was Trey. The masters had removed his bindings and he was standing spread eagle in the frame. I looked around my room to absorb everything I could. The room was huge. Larger than my little one explicit preteen bedroom apartment that I had lived in, in my previous life. Cupboards, cabinets adorned two of the four walls. Heavy rings were embedded in one of the other walls. The back wall had so much stuff there that I couldn't even begin to describe. BUT, I saw a cage. That startled me a little bit."mister Trey, for your actions last evening you shall receive punishment fitting the offense. mister Trey, for all to now know, I wish to inform them of who you really are." My Master continued. " mister Trey is the nephew of master Lee. Master Lee hentai preteen pic is also Trey's employer. What trey did last night was embarrassing and humiliating for master Lee. It was wrong for trey to abuse both verbally and physically My `boy' by his adolescent behavior. Such behavior could be expected from a youthful know nothing teen, but not from an aspiring young adult. For this reason, master Lee is releasing him from his employ and allowing him the pleasure of first learning the ways of a slave before he learns the ways of a master."What was I supposed to think? How was I to react? This is more than I can deal with. Seeing Trey like this was not what I would have expected from what happened the preteen naked poses night before. My stomach was churning and I didn't want to toss chunks." Slaves, make the slave smooth" came the command from master Lee. Out came the clippers and razors and they started in on Trey. Trey didn't move a muscle. He just hung there, humiliated and defeated. The man I went to school with, lusted after and even desired was now going to undergo a complete body shave.While they were tending to trey, the other slaves had me lay preteen german nude back and they too shaved my whole body; front and back. For once, I got to see the expression on all their faces as they worked on me and I caught an occasional glimpse of trey russian defloration preteen submitting to young preteen russians his first worldly humiliation. I was then led over to that part of the room which had the drain. Cody removed my plug and began to clean out my hole. What a relief that was. I no longer dreaded preteen bra model the cleanings, but rather looked forward to the inner feeling of clean. When the enemas were complete all of them towel dried me, ever so tenderly. My body rings were cleaned with the antiseptic lotion and the hole was filled with grease. I was led back to the foam floor pad, where the wrists and ankle cuffs were put back on. One of the preteen adult gallery slaves put a container underneath my dick and drained my bladder; then bambina preteen porno he re-clamped it.I raised my head to see trey totally smooth and they were spraying his body with preteen boys something that made him squirm violently. master Lee stood in front of trey and told him once again how much he was disappointed in him. Then, just as fast, master Lee slapped trey twice. Twice like trey did to me. And, I think the slaps preteens as sluts were a hell of a lot harder than trey had inflicted upon me. One of the other masters approached master Lee, holding up a rather large butt plug. Not as large as mine, but if trey had preteen xxx tpg not been used to taking something up his ass, this plug was going to fucking kill him. master Lee nodded his approval and the other master put a light coating of lube on the plug. In one swift and steady motion the plug was forced up into preteens nude natural trey's hole. trey thrashed about but he couldn't move but for only a couple inches one way or the other. The plug preteens models thumbnails was removed, as was trey's mouth gag. The plug was then forced into trey's mouth as far as it would go. I could preteen porno analsex see the plug was not clean at all before it went into his mouth. trey looked and acted like he was going to puke, but settled down preteen sexy cartoon pretty quick. When they removed the plug, the part in his mouth was spotless. He had cleaned it all topless preteen beach off. The plug was shoved back inside his hole. I could feel blood rushing into my dick as I was witnessing all of this. I looked around and saw that every slave had a stiffy. Damn! nude preteens vids Look at the size of these cocks. Holy turds batman!trey was released from the frame preteen nake model and led over to the bench. He was secured to the bench with so many restraints that I couldn't tell where they started or where they stopped. The slaves pulled his legs wide apart and latched the leg supports in place. I could see the base of the butt plug now and knew from experience that trey was in pain; A LOT OF PAIN. His head was hanging over the bench, face down, and I could see the virtual models preteen tears drip off his face and splash onto the floor below. I heard a little noise and funny preteen models looked off to my left to see two slaves wheeling preteen mod nude a machine of some kind over to where trey was. Jesus Lord!! It was the fuckmachine! Eight feet in front of me was trey, bound and helpless. I felt sad, immensely sad. preteens picts nn The plug was once again removed from his hole and dirty or not, it was shoved into his mouth. The plug was then taped tightly into his mouth. I could tell that trey was having trouble breathing but knew he would learn fast enough to get all the air preteen magazine pornography he could through his nose. A penetracuion anal preteens dildo the size of the plug was being attached to the fuckmachine. As I looked at the dildo and then at treys hole, I knew this was not going to be easy for trey at all. I spotted a little bit of blood preteen tgp com at his hole but knew that it must not of been 16 preteen vids a serious preteen spanking pictures thing. The machine was positioned, and the head of the dildo was exactly on target. master Lee nodded to my Master and then flipped the machine on. It took all of a minute before the dildo was working on the ass muscle and trey was really making noises. If trey thinks this is bad, just wait a few more minutes. I wondered if they were going to give him an injection to lessen the pain but I saw no syringe while I was looking. My Master told every one to adjourn to the back yard so that they could continue with my training. Master came to me, smiled, patted my head, kissed my lips and attached a heavy chain leash to my collar and began to pull me away from the view of treys torture. I followed Master down a long carpeted hallway, which was adorned with paintings of various slaves enduring torture. All that my eyes were now seeing was registering with my brain and comparing them to what my brain saw when I didn't have my eyesight. The bright Florida sunlight forced me to close my eyes preteens home pic momentarily as my knees felt the carpet leave and go to concrete. Damn, look at this fucking swimming pool. Wonder if I will ever get to enjoy this. I sure hope so. From the pool enclosure preteens lesbos gallery to the back yard, the feel of grass on my knees. My eyes caught sight of the frame and bench that I had felt before. I saw a large, beautifully adorned wooden xxx preteen photo box sitting on the lawn. I smelled the air with a deep breath. The air was cool and fresh, yet the familiar smell of sweet saltwater was everywhere. Master told the slaves to get me onto the bench, face up, to begin today's training session. A moment of fear, then the look from my Master helped me instantly to shed such a feeling. I knew and will always remember that my pain is my Masters pleasure. As I lay on the bench, being strapped in place, I could hear the screams of pain, the emotions of fear, the desire to die, come from within the house, from within my room. japan sex preteens Would trey survive without too much injury? Would I continue to please Master and the others? Cody came forward and sat down on a stool just to the right of my head. " Ok `boy', day three of the weekend is upon you. You hot preteens picture can do all which will be required of you, of your mind, your soul, your body." He leaned forward, kissed me on the mouth and told me that he loved me. What did he mean by that? What could possibly be going to happen? I smiled, a meek smile back at him and told cute preteen slut him, with my eyes, that I loved him and Master too. End of Chapter Thirteenwe hope you enjoyed reading this chapter for all of the SanibelBoys stories check out please have your age,in your profile, before clicking on the above link... thanks
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